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Pasqua Underground!

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Non c’è miglior modo di festeggiare il giorno di Pasqua risvegliandoci dopo uno dei concerti più belli ed importanti che abbiamo mai fatto: siamo scesi 105 metri sotto terra, nelle Cumberland Caverns , uno dei luoghi sacri della musica americana. Un luogo pazzesco !

Siamo felici ed orgogliosi di esser stati protagonisti del Bluegrass Underground condividendo il palco con i terrificanti Here Come the Mummies !

Music City Roots Live from The Factory

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Bellissima giornata al Music City Roots a Nashville, Tennessee, in compagnia del nostro caro e affezionatissimo Jim Lauderdale. Abbiamo avuto il grande onore di suonare con lui ancora una volta e di ricevere critiche molto positive dal pubblico;

ecco la recensione di Craig Havighurst: “With any young band that cycles back to Roots, I’m always on the lookout for evolution and improvement, and with La Terza Classe it couldn’t have been more clear. Learning a foreign folk idiom is challenging, from the meaning of the arcane language to the even more difficult issue of feel and groove. But man, LTC is getting it. They drove and swung, sounding like a bluegrass or jug band that could hold its own on any stage. “Molly and Tennbrooks” opened with a cool a cappella vocal intro and then whisked along like the racehorses in its title. Biagio Daniele’s harmonica has always been stellar. New member Corrado Ciervo played fiddle with gypsy fire and gorgeous tone. A set closing duet with Jim Lauderdale (and a bi-lingual “Happy Birthday” to the newly minted 60-year-old) couldn’t have been more appropriate.”


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